Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Hatchling In The Sand

Sweater by Line, Skirt by Tucker,  Shoes by Valentino

When I was kid,  I used to watch the National Geographic TV specials with a bowl of pistachio ice cream religiously.  I remember watching an episode on sea turtles, particularly on the hatchlings making their way to the seawater.  I will always remember feeling a sense of urgency in my stomach, fearing a nearby seagull might swoop into the scene and take one away for dinner.  How could the fate of anything so helpless be in the hands of nature?   Can't the seagulls eat something else?

But thankfully, this episode didn't show that sort of horror.  Instead, the hatchlings make their way across the sand, feel the water for the first time, and successfully swim into a whole new world.  My ice cream bowl was empty, and it was time for bed.  Right before I fell asleep, I started to wonder, "What's next for the turtles?"

Hi.  My name is Michelle.  

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