Thursday, November 29, 2012


 Blouse by Theory, Jeans by Joe's Jeans, Vest by Leith, Shoes by Jimmy Choo, Purse by Lanvin

When I tried on this vest at first, I wasn't completely enamored over it.  My cousin actually described the fur as a "sheepie-lion."  And to be honest, I've actually tried on the vest with no pants. All I could see was next year's Halloween outfit as a cave-woman.

However, after revisiting it for a second time, I realized that furry vests make me feel fancy.  No really, like a housewife of Beverly Hills, walking down Rodeo Drive on a frigid (not really) December day.  After living in Los Angeles for 9 months, I'll admit, I've taken a few cues from the funny Angelenos wearing furry jackets and vests during 68 degree winters. Paris Hilton, I get it.  Putting on large amount of furriness on our torsos evokes a casual glamour that only could be described as "feeling like a fancy lady."

Adding the sparkly pumps was totally a last minute idea.  Maybe it's my subconscious making small homage to my second home.

Although I know I'll be a Seattlite forever, I really do miss LA.


  1. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  2. Your shoes are amazinnnnnnngggg. xx

  3. Love this outfit! I think I just might need to add this furry vest to my collection!

    PS. I'd love it if you could visit my blog and follow me if you like it!! :)


  4. Those heels are fabulous!

  5. What a fab outfit! The photos are amazing, especially one with the reflection xx

  6. Pretty dress!

    xo Jennifer

  7. I love your furry vest! The color is amazing!

    Stop by sometime, xo Natalie

  8. Loving the vest and the heels -- I couldn't agree more about the "fancy feeling" you get from wearing a simple fur vest.